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Re: Sonothèques en ligne (téléchargement)

Publié : 29 août 2019, 02:55
par Tim Prebble
HISSandaROAR AMB016 WIND DRAFT is now released

NOTE: with 50% discount until Sale Ends on September 1st! ... ind-draft/

WIND DRAFTS are incredibly useful as source material for creating spooky, haunted ambiences
and bone chilling desolate arctic winds, as well as components for whooshes, movement and transitions.
AMB016 WIND DRAFT represents a unique 10.7GB collection of new recordings, perfect for realism
as well as super natural and more stylised applications.

The first two locations were naturally occurring: staying in an old bach at Patea I noticed how the log burner chimney was moaning in the wind, so I captured it with a pair of contact mics as well as an MKH8040 pair.

The second location was in Papamoa: as Cyclone Gita pounded the coast, the beach house I was staying in literally shook, as the wind whistled around the exterior doors.

The remainder of the recordings were all captured by placing vented bottles directly in the path of strong Nor' West winds. After experimenting with a range of bottle sizes and vents with DPA 4060 mics sheltered inside, further recording involved larger vented buckets (with MKH8040 inside) and two vented water cooler bottles. These recordings were captured at 192kHz to four tracks, in sync, so the same wind gusts can be felt resonating amongst the different scale cavities. Slowed down the naturally occurring harmonics provide some very powerful sub bass.


Re: Sonothèques en ligne (téléchargement)

Publié : 29 août 2019, 16:21
par Tsound



This library has a unique selection of drawing and handwriting sounds, recorded and edited with the utmost care in a recording booth, with a perfect acoustic treatment, for dry and clean sounds.

Includes 1040 files containing more than 6000 drawing and handwriting sounds from 26 different tools.

Each tool includes short sounds ( letters and punctuations with speed variations : fast and slow ), medium ( words ), long ( sentences ) and a part dedicated to drawing, allowing endless possibilities. 
For even more precision, some tools have been recorded on several materials like Paper ( in books and on desks ), Papyrus, Canvas, etc.

Tools used :

● Ball Pen ● Correction Fluid Pen ● Bamboo Reed Pen ● Chalk & Chalkboard Eraser ● Charcoal Stick with Paper Stump and Kneaded Rubber Eraser ● Dip Pen ● Finger on Fogged Glass ● Fountain Pen ● Graphics Tablet ● Markers / Felt Pens ( Broad and Fine Point ) ● Paint Brush ● Pencil with Eraser, Sharpener and Electric Sharpener ● Quill Pen ● Sand ● Scratch Art ● Stone ( Thin & Thick Chisel ) ● Wax Crayon ● Whiteboard Marker ( Broad and Fine Point ) with Whiteboard Eraser.

4.02GB | 1040 Files | 6000+ sounds
24bit / 96kHz

Includes embedded Soundminer metadata.

20% DISCOUNT until september 6th

Available on : A SOUND EFFECT
Coming soon on SONNISS & SAMPLEISM

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Re: Sonothèques en ligne (téléchargement)

Publié : 29 août 2019, 19:46
par Maxwyme
Hannnnn ce truc m'aurait littéralement sauvé la vie au printemps dernier :shock:

Re: Sonothèques en ligne (téléchargement)

Publié : 14 sept. 2019, 04:50
par AND
Anti-Node Design has released RAIN AND011!!

Get Early Bird 30% discount now!!
*expiry: 2019/9/26

RAIN features various kind of RAIN AMBIENCES and EFFECTS from different parts of CITIES and FORESTS.

In forests, you can find sounds of RAIN FALLING ON DIRT and LEAVES and more.
In addition to the sound of CAR PASSING BYS and RAIN TRAFFICS in cities, you can also find RAIN COMING OUT FROM PIPES, HITTING THE ASPHALT and various kinds of RAIN POURING ON ROOFS such as PORCHES and LARGE PARKINGS and more.

Available in each set:

Recorded @ 24bit 96kHz with ortf, spaced omni, XY and carefully edited.


Re: Sonothèques en ligne (téléchargement)

Publié : 23 sept. 2019, 18:29
par Foxp2
Nice Library, usefull and clean, well done :)

Re: Sonothèques en ligne (téléchargement)

Publié : 24 sept. 2019, 22:47
par aXLsound
:) Du nouveau dans le monde des sonothèques en ligne : aXLsound, disponible sur asoundeffect et sonniss.


" LAMPS " is on sale ( 16% ) until the 30th of september on asoundeffect.

Lamps focuses on the buzzing/humming sound of light bulbs, lamps, fluorescent tubes, you name it… You can find a sound for any electric device you can imagine.

These sounds can be used as pure effects or as a layer in your ambiances/atmos tracks to create a buzzing hallway or even to add tension in a basement scene with a fluorescent tube.

Low humming growls, aggressive and high pitched, glass resonant tubes, tiny filament lamp, fridge style hums,etc…
This library contains 44 designed textures and about 20 source material files with full and detailed metadata embedded ( Soundminer, Basehead, iXML ) , all at 96kHz / 24 bits.

PS : plein d'autres beaux sons arrivent très vite

Re: Sonothèques en ligne (téléchargement)

Publié : 30 sept. 2019, 13:59
par aXLsound
2 nouvelles sonothèques disponibles à partir d'aujourd'hui et en " early bird sale " jusqu'au 07 octobre. :)



"URBAN PASSES BY" delivers hundreds of different vehicles passing by in an urban environment, covering all your needs for traffic scenes, especially to edit cars in the background or vehicles passing by your main character’s car during an onboard scene. ... passes-by/

No need to search through your numerous traffic recordings to find the one “pass by”, we gathered hundreds of them from very slow to fast, dry cobblestones to very wet asphalt.
This library aims to help sound editors quickly find the whooshin’ vehicles they need, it includes passes by of cars, motorcycles, mopeds, trucks, etc…



"METAL SWEETENERS" contains hundreds of metal sounds to enhance your gun fights. ... r-realism/

We recorded tons of different metallic objects like wrenches, cameras, stands, microphones,etc… to create different hits and textures for the Source Material kit, everything was recorded at 192 kHz with the famous Sennheiser MKH 8040/8050 microphones in order to capture all the harmonics up to 50-60 kHz. Then we layered/edited/pitched, crushed them to create the sounds in the Designed folder.

The “Source” folder contains 91 files and hundreds individual sounds divided into these categories:

– Hit
– Scrape
– Screw
– Rattle
– Mech
– Click
– Slide

The “Designed” folder contains 20 files and many more individual sounds, all created from the “Source Material”:

– Silenced/Suppressed shots
– Reload
– Bullets
– Mechanics
– Ejections

The “Synced” folder contains multiple groups of 8 layers + 3 silencers/suppressor, all sync’ed on some of the most common guns rate of fire :

– Ak 47
– M16
– Uzi
– MP5
– M60
– M4

All the sounds are 192 kHz / 24 bits, giving you all the process flexibility you need. Most importantly the files are embedded with exhaustive metadata compatible with Soundminer, Basehead, etc…

This library is perfect to spice up “boring” real life recordings, create a whole new futuristic weapon or just to give that ” Hyper Realistic ” feel to the project you’re working on.


Re: Sonothèques en ligne (téléchargement)

Publié : 16 oct. 2019, 09:53
par aXLsound
Amis monteurs(euses) son,

De ( 2 ) nouvelles sonothèques à découvrir :) :

- une resplendissante Ford Mustang "Mach 1" de 1970, un régal pour les yeux et les oreilles.


On s'est donné sur le setup de micros, 2 dans le compartiment moteur, 3 près des pots, ORTF dans l'habitacle...
Pour les extérieurs c'est du LCR ( MKH 8040-8050 ) , un couple AB plus " large " et un canon ( KMR 81 ) qui suit tout ça !

Le tout méticuleusement edité et métadaté , c'est un v8, ca ronronne, on peut la monter à la place de la Peugeot du commissaire sur n'importe quelle série française ( si si ça passe promis ) .
C'est l' Amérique quoi ! :clap:

- une décoiffante collection d'atterissages / décollages en bordure de pistes d'aéroport .


LCR + AB + Shotgun , 34 séquences différentes, plus de 130 fichiers bruts et une petite section " designed " .
PS : ils ont presques servis dans le prochain topgun

Toutes mes sonothèques sont dispos sur asoundeffect, sonniss et aussi et surtout moins chères sur mon propre site : + une catégorie free sounds que je vais alimenter régulièrement.
Il y a moins 15% sur tout et jusqu'au 27 octobre avec le code AXL15BIRD, et on peut s'arranger sur un prix si il y a des gourmands.

Bon projets à tous.

Re: Sonothèques en ligne (téléchargement)

Publié : 16 oct. 2019, 10:01
par Cedric-Fox
Congrats ;)
Faudrait qu’on bosse ensemble un jour vu que l’on est pas très loin !

Re: Sonothèques en ligne (téléchargement)

Publié : 16 oct. 2019, 10:05
par aXLsound
Quand tu veux !